Welcome to the New River Gorge...

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New River Gorge can be a fun place IF you remember some simple rules that can keep you safe...

1) If you go on a rafting trip listen carefully to your guide and know what to do in case of an emergency like the raft turning over or getting caught between some rocks. Death from drownings on the New River happen every year.

2) Don't go out at night unless you're with a group or at an sanctioned event. Danger is present both on and off the river. Crime against tourists has been reported. Don't carry cash.

3) Please stay off the New River Gorge Bridge. It's dangerous and illegal to walk out onto for a 'better view'. Use the offical scenic views.

4) Be watchful of hotel bedbugs and an alarming increase in METH labs.

5) Have fun while on the New RIver, but don't pass up some of the better State Parks in West Virginia that offer a more Family Friendly atmosphere.
NEWS! A Michigan woman has died from jumping into the New River Gorge. WCHS-TV
In Other News: The number of people showing symptoms during water crisis is much higher than previously reported. Check WOWK TV for further details.

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Human Remains Found
Cold Case Solved for New River Gorge Bridge Victim.

March 15th, 2016

Workers removing brush near a pier of the famous New River Gorge bridge have discovered human remains that may solve an eighteen year old missing persons case. Police have located bones and personal effects belonging to missing Virginia Tech student Robert Kovack. Foul play has not been ruled out yet as WV State Police investagate the scene.

Level 1 Alert!

If you plan on visiting Southern WV this year you may want to bring your own bottled water. A massive chemical spill caused many residents to stop drinking tap water. WV officials are not sure how much water damage has occurred nor how long the rivers will take to clean up. 
Please be safe.